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Nice attack Dozens killed during Bastille Day celebrations

A minimum of 84 individuals have died including children following a lorry condemned via a crowd honoring Bastille Day within the southern French town of Nice

The motive force ploughed on for 2km around the Promenade plusieurs Anglais at approximately 23:00 local time prior to being shot dead by police

President Francois Hollande stated the attack was of the indisputable terrorist nature

A condition of emergency in position since Novembers Paris attacks continues to be extended by three several weeks

France have been on high alert since individuals attacks by which 130 people died and 100s were wounded

France is badly hit Mr Hollande stated adding that we have to try everything we are able to to battle against such attacks

All France is under the specter of Islamic terrorism he stated adding that several children were one of the dead

Obama added that operational reserves could be deployed to aid the military and security forces across the nation with particular concentrate on the edges

About 50 everyone was hurt 18 of these significantly within the incident on Thursday that was Bastille Day – Frances national day

District attorney Jean-Michel Pretre stated the lorry drove 2km (12 miles) via a large crowd the AFP news agency reported

One image on Twitter demonstrated in regards to a dozen people laying in the pub

Interior Ministry spokesperson Pierre-Henry Brandet refused earlier reviews of hostage situations and stated the motive force from the lorry have been neutralised

He added that authorities were looking into if the driver behaved alone

No group has to date stated responsibility however prosecutors stated the inquiry could be handled by anti-terror detectives

Some reviews spoke of shots being exchanged between police and also the residents from the lorry however these haven’t been confirmed

Social networking video demonstrated people running with the roads in panic following a incident

A journalist using the Nice Matin newspaper reported in the scene there was lots of bloodstream and undoubtedly many hurt

A reporter for that AFP news agency stated the incident required place because the firework display was ending adding We had people hit and items of debris floating

Another image on Twitter demonstrated a white-colored lorry stopped in the center of the promenade with harm to its front and 4 police officials watching it while taking cover behind a palm tree

One eyewitness told BFM TV Everybody was calling run run run theres a panic attack run run run We heard some shots We thought these were fireworks because it is the 14th of This summer

There is great panic I was running too because we didnt wish to hang in there so we entered expensive hotels to get at safety

Another witness Roy Calley told the BBC there were 1000’s of individuals around the promenade once the incident happened

Law enforcement have completely absorbed the town the promenade has been closed lower Everyone was physically pressed from the site and told to obtain in no uncertain terms through the police

I live 200m in the promenade also it required nearly 1 hour half an hour to return to my flat because all of the streets happen to be closed lower

US The President condemned within the most powerful terms what he stated made an appearance to become a terrible terrorist attack in Nice the White-colored House stated

Obama have been briefed concerning the situation and the national security team will update him as appropriate National Security Council spokesperson Ned Cost stated

British Foreign Secretary Boris Manley stated he was shocked and saddened through the appalling occasions in Nice the terrible lack of existence

European Council President Jesse Tusk condemned the attack saying its a tragic paradox that the topic of this attack were people honoring liberty equality and fraternity

On Friday flags in France is going to be flying at half-mast and Nices jazz festival continues to be cancelled

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FBI chief James Comey faces questions over Clinton emails

House Republicans have known as FBI Director James Comey to testify about Hillary Clintons utilization of private email as secretary of condition


Mr Comey will need to show a home committee why he suggested the likely Democratic presidential nominee shouldn’t be prosecuted

Over 100 classified messages put together on her behalf email servers the FBI stated

On Wednesday US Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirmed that no charges could be introduced

Mrs Lynch was accused by Republican Jesse Trump who will probably do fight with Mrs Clinton for that White-colored House to be bribed through the former first lady

He stated she decided to let Mrs Clinton free to acquire the promise that they would keep her job when the Democrat won the election and grew to become president

This news the attorney general met former President Bill Clinton Mrs Clintons husband a week ago around the tarmac of the airport terminal in Arizona motivated accusations by Republicans of the stitch-up

On Tuesday the FBI stated Mrs Clinton and her staff were very careless in handling classified materials but there wasn’t any proof of intentional wrongdoing

Mr Comeys statement contradicted Mrs Clinton who formerly stated she’d not knowingly sent or received classified material from her private email account

He’ll testify on Thursday prior to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform brought by Republican Jason Chaffetz

The FBIs recommendation is surprising and confusing Mr Chaffetz stated

The very fact pattern presented by Director Comey makes obvious Secretary Clinton violated what the law states he stated People who deliberately skirt what the law states should be attributed

An announcement from Mrs Clintons campaign team known as it another citizen-funded sham of the inquiry to try and hurt Hillary Clinton politically

It’s been a typical theme within the presidential campaigns of Mr Trump around the right and Bernie Sanders around the left that establishment associates live under their very own algorithm

While average People in america remain for their fate big bankers get relief big companies get handouts and also the elite are insulated in the effects of the actions

For individuals with this particular outlook the failure to indict Hillary Clinton – or perhaps hold her accountable inside a non-criminal manner – is an additional illustration of the advantages that come with high positions of power

While Comey was adamant there was little precedent for any prosecution considering that Mrs Clinton didn’t deliberately mishandle classified information or achieve this inside a grossly negligent way such explanations might not fly using the swath of voters presently alienated in the political process

Did the FBI just sink Clinton?

The e-mail scandal has turned into a key political speaking point with Republicans saying Mrs Clinton thinks she’s over the law

Republican presidential hopeful Jesse Trump known as the choice very unfair and stated it had been proof the system was rigged

Mrs Clinton stated she’d setup the e-mail address for reasons of convenience because it absolutely was simpler to complete from one device rather than have a lot of phones or capsules

She later apologised for implementing the non-public email system calling it an error

House Speaker Paul Ryan stated it seems that Mrs Clinton was handed preferential treatment through the FBI and the objective of the hearing is to try and answer numerous questions regarding the inquiry

He asked whether Mrs Clinton could receive classified briefings like a presidential candidate following a discharge of the FBIs findings

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told USA TODAY that Mr Ryans surveys are irresponsible and strange

Shes likely to be president from the U . s . States and shes likely to be an excellent president from the U . s . States

Hoverboard priest condemned by church

A Filipino priest remains condemned by diocese government physiques after video of him gliding around chapel around the hoverboard throughout Christmas Eve mass went viral

The priest who isn’t named is seen sailing up minimizing lanes as churchgoers in Laguna province applaud

That was wrong the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo mentioned in the statement on its Facebook page

It mentioned he welcomed people and sang a Christmas song round the hoverboard which he was now in the parish to reflect

The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence It is the Churchs finest kind of worship not just a personal celebration to capriciously introduce something to acquire attention the diocese statement mentioned

It added the priest saw the incident just like a awaken call

A kind of it was posted by traditionalist Catholic group Novus Ordo onto its Facebook page also it was broadly shared nevertheless it has attracted an assorted reaction on Facebook

Complete and total disrespect not only for your Master but additionally for that salvation of people poor souls mentioned Scott LaLonde To finish it he couldnt even sing

Filipino Catholic Romy Vicente mentioned the incident was absurd How would you meditate if you see this happening inside the chapel where holy mass is going on?

Other clients shown support for your priest and congratulated his fun spirit

This can be really fun mentioned Make the most of Trainor from Canada I am Roman Catholic while not a including the one that attends Mass regularly If there has been more priests like that certain I would be tempted revisit mass If people keep with traditions you’ll lose probably the most ardent Catholics

Undertaking a sermon in the hoverboard was a powerful way to show how Catholic chapel is making strides in entering the completely new era stated another Facebook user Mark Lewis

The Philippines might be the 3rd greatest Christian country in the world by getting an thought 80 million Catholics

With 81% of individuals identifying themselves as Catholic the countrys society and culture remains carefully connected while using teaching in the chapel Laws and regulations and rules within the u . s . states may also be frequently presented around traditional Catholic values

Verifying by Louise Chen

Greece cancer patients denied treatment

After coming in the Theageneio specialist cancer hospital in Thessaloniki Betty Semakoula was troubled to understand that her CAT scan wasn’t going to take place on that day

The device isn’t working hospital staff informed her

You need to return in four several weeks

But Betty was without that lengthy

I’d no choice but to obtain a private screening she stated I compensated €600 (£390) from my very own pocket

The 35-year-old who founded an NGO that can help poor and destitute individuals Thessaloniki states her encounters suggest Greeces health product is growing similar to individuals she observed while employed in the third world – rather compared to an EU country

And from talking with other patients and health care employees here you go obvious her story is broadly typical

As A holiday in greece careers towards another election later this month the countrys health care product is ongoing to crumble

Funding for condition-run hospitals continues to be cut by greater than 50% because the debt crisis began in ’09

They are afflicted by severe shortages in from sheets gauzes and syringes to doctors and nurses

By 2011 supplies were significantly low states Athena an old nurse inside a haematology unit

We didn’t have probably the most fundamental of materials [for example] surgical spirit

Public health investing in A holiday in greece is anticipated to contract to 4% of gdp (GDP) through the finish of 2015 among the worst levels within the EU The typical spend is 69% based on the Panhellenic Medical Association

The Nation’s Organisation for Health care (EOPYY) is managing a deficit of €15bn Allotted hospital funding that has slowed down to some crawl since March will fall this season by greater than 22% to €118bn

A brand new bailout agreed with Greeces creditors through the former coalition government headed through the left-wing Syriza party is going to do little to deal with the problem experts say because it dictates a prolongation of austerity and investing cuts

Greeks who’ve the financial means are progressively embracing the non-public sector

A 77-years old lady named Nikki lately experienced a stroke at 03:00 each morning

The paramedics who showed up at her house in Kalamaria an affluent Thessaloniki suburb informed her having a panic attack boy that his mother ought to be seen with a physician as quickly as possible

However they cautioned him to not take her towards the local public hospital that evening

A healthcare facility is overcrowded It might take hrs on her to determine a physician Youd better get her to some private clinic they stated

The boy immediately drove his mother towards the nearest clinic

There have been no queues but instead a good amount of medical staff to assist her

But all of this came in a cost She compensated €800 on her screening and three-day hospitalisation

Not everybody is really lucky Most Greeks even individuals who’ve jobs can’t afford private health care

Everything is a whole lot worse for that believed 25 million without insurance Greeks

Getting lost their jobs and coverage of health gaining access to health care is a big challenge

Syriza appreciates just as much The partys manifesto revealed in front of the 20 September election alerts the health crisis affects mainly the countrys poor and vulnerable

Couple of patients blame the medical staff – they are fully aware they’re overstressed and under compensated

We’re short on doctors and nurses We work almost non-stop to maintain them as well as we are able to states Athina Grammatikopoulou a nurse at Theageneio hospital where Ms Semakoula was averted

For instance just one nurse needs to take care of 20 or 25 patients throughout evening changes


of GDP continued health care in ’09


of GDP may be the expected invest 2015

22% loss of allotted hospital funding in 2015

5000 more doctors needed

15000 more nurses needed

Based on the government the machine requires 4500 extra doctors along with other medical and paramedical staff

But Michael Vlastarakos Leader from the Panhellenic Medical Association states the Greek health care product is 5000 doctors and 15000 nurses short

The understaffing gets worse due to full of exodus of doctors and nurses who’ve seen their salaries cut and work hrs increase

Previously 3 years greater than 15000 doctors have remaining the nation mainly for that United kingdom Germany Cyprus and Sweden states Mr Vlastarakos

The dramatic understaffing means for instance that in Sparta my home town the pathology clinic is no more operating

Doctors working at public hospitals in A holiday in greece earn normally about €1200 to €2000 per month – and obligations are frequently seriously postponed

Mr Vlastarakos states low pay is a reason the issue from the infamous fakelaki or illegal bribes continues to be ripe

Someone who’s told he are only able to be operated in three several weeks the years have two options: visit a private clinic or pay his in place the waiting list he states

Cancer people are particularly vulnerable

Persefoni Mitta mind from the Association of Cancer Patients in Macedonia and Thrace stays her days attempting to assist the 6500 people of her organisation within their combat the condition

Many are sent from the hospitals since the machine might not be working or chemotherapy doesn’t seem possible she states

Others come crying simply because they were released in the hospital immediately after a surgical procedure

What every one has in keeping is the outrage towards political figures

They spit at political figures And consequently They must be embarrassed with themselves states Ms Mitta

The only real factor they understand how to do is hold new elections every few several weeks while people available suffer

One other issue is drug shortages Commercial pharmacies are owed greater than €05bn through the government based on the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association (PFS) a lot of request payment from patients in advance

Iosif Vaena a pharmacist in Thessaloniki states shortages are really the with a few drugs including blood insulin running low yet others becoming simply not available such as the polio vaccine

As well as the situation of medications which are theoretically available patients have to pay from their own pocket to obtain them

A holiday in greece pharmacist: Tell Europe SOS

Then you will find medications which are essential but so cheap that no business will import them These are handled by emergency imports however the government agency responsible doesn’t have funds to cover them and it has stopped placing orders

Cancer medicine is vital but frequently inaccessible

It’s one factor to request someone to create their own blanket towards the hospital And quite another to deny him a medication which means the main difference between existence and dying Ms Mitta states

Sometimes doctors tell cancer patients to stop she adds

A physician will say He’s 70 years of age there’s no reason in investing money and assets on him But who’re they to determine?

She states she faced exactly the same attitude when she was identified with multiple types of cancer 28 years back

They stated I only had three several weeks to reside But the actual still breathing

Train suspect armed for massacre

Ayoub El Khazzani the suspected gunman who had been overtaken by people on the Thalys get trained in France a week ago transported with him an AKM assault rifle with 270 models of ammunition a Luger M80 automatic pistol having a full cartridge a box-cutter along with a water-bottle-sized container filled with gasoline based on French District attorney Francois Molins

Based on all the witness accounts weve collected (El Khazzani) wouldnt have hesitated to make use of all of the arms in the possession — assault rifle pistol and box-cutter — whether it wasnt for that amazing intervention from the people Molins told reporters in a news conference Tuesday

The 25-year-old Moroccan continues to be billed with attempted murder attempted mass murder and membership inside a terrorist organization the district attorney stated — since the gunman allegedly wished to kill all of the people around the train

Molins stated El Khazzani has invoked his to remain quiet after times of evasive solutions

Before he put together his weapon within the toilet compartment between two train cars on Friday El Khazzani sitting around the train — bound for Paris from Amsterdam — listening on his phone to some YouTube file of the individual calling his fans to combat and advocating them to consider arms within the title from the Prophet Molins stated saying it was symbol of his terrorist intent

After bursting from the bathroom together with his assault rifle El Khazzani was met with a French guy who had been waiting there and who attempted to prevent him El Khazzani fired off several models and also the guy steered clear of with the doorways in to the next vehicle the district attorney stated

El Khazzani then entered among the cars where two American soldiers leaped on him when his weapon jammed and — with the aid of another American along with a British guy — handled to create him lower and tie him up Molins stated

Did suspect have support?

Because the analysis in to the turned away attack and also the suspect continues government bodies are considering a vital question: Was the suspected gunman a single wolf or did he have support?

Molins stated that government bodies are attempting to pinpoint in which the alleged gunman got the weapons he’d and just how she got the cash to purchase an initial-class ticket

We’ll try to determine where she got these weapons when they have experienced Europe anyone who has labored with him and the supply of financing Molins stated

Based on the French district attorney El Khazzani has maintained he found the weapons inside a park He told researchers throughout interrogations he meant to take advantage of train people after which escape via a window

Government bodies stated El Khazzani was lately in Hatay Province in southeastern Poultry near to the Syrian border On June 4 he traveled back through Istanbul to Albania — a side destination he might have accustomed to cover his tracks

El Khazzanis defense attorney Sophie David told CNN affiliate BFMTV along with other media organizations that her client declines he’s a terrorist

The suggestion makes him almost laugh she stated

El Khazzani wanted to handle an armed robbery she stated and didn’t plan to spark a terror alert

Wife recalls harrowing moments before shooting

When she heard her husbands voice passenger Isabelle Risacher Moogalian understood the problem was dire

Escape This really is serious he cautioned her

I checked out his face and that i understood he wasn’t kidding while he looked very intense she told CNN within an exclusive television interview Tuesday

Moments later she was crouching behind a chair around the train while her husband — French-American academic Mark Moogalian — attempted to get rid of the gunmans rifle She heard a minumum of one gunshot set off then viewed her husband in horror from the couple of seats away

He fell down My hubby thought he would shoot him again so he performed dead she stated

Now Mark Moogalian is put in the hospital having a gunshot wound His condition made worse overnight in a hospital in Lille in northwestern France but he was beginning to feel good on Tuesday his family stated

Government bodies have stated he’ll be granted in france they Legion of Recognition once he rebounds

Four other people who stopped the gunman received the Legion of Recognition from Leader Francois Hollande on Monday

One of these Briton Chris Norman told CNN he chosen over die attempting to steer clear of the guy instead of sitting and awaiting an almost-certain dying

My position was Im not really the man who dies seated Chris Norman told CNNs New Day If you are likely to die try to get rid of it

The energy from the people

Norman stated he and Hollande were built with a conversation in the award ceremony that they talked about the significance of everybody taking part in fighting against terrorism

Police can’t be everywhere Norman stated

I believe as people we have to really move ahead and we have to take a few of the responsibility for this he stated mentioning towards the fight against terrorism Whether it’s truly being more vigilant or by planning yourself for doing things if you do end up for the reason that situation

I am not a specialist in the region but I’m sure we have to learn how to harness the energy from the people he stated

Norman told CNNs Chris Cuomo he and also the other people who subdued the apparent would-be attacker though they’d never met behaved together throughout the takedown

He’s were built with a chance since Sunday to talk to others — Anthony Sadler Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos three American buddies on holiday in Europe — about individuals critical occasions

I believe we have quite a strong bond he stated

CNNs Martin Savidge Margot Haddad and Catherine E Shoichet led for this report

Kenya hunts German al-Shabab fighter

Kenyan mother and father released a $100000 (£64000) reward for that capture of the German national charged with getting involved in an al-Shabab attack on Sunday

Andreas Martin Muller that has the alias Abu Nusaybah is purported to be among the gunmen who assaulted a military base in Lamu county

Eleven al-Shabab martial artists and 2 Kenyan soldiers were wiped out

Another foreigner Briton Thomas Evans also required part in Sundays assault and it was wiped out within the fighting

Sundays attack belongs to an increasing number of assaults in Kenya completed through the Somalia-based Islamist al-Shabab group

Al-Shabab martial artists wiped out 148 individuals a panic attack on Kenyas Garissa College College in April

Kenyan soldiers are members of an African Union pressure that is fighting al-Shabab in neighbouring Somalia

Ukraine’s civilians living on frontline

It had been an ideal mid-day at the begining of summer time

Somebody had placed a garland of flowers around the rusting remains of the tank Males died here and were appreciated Even though the fields were empty it had been easy to imagine them full of employees cropping the sunflower crop

It was the lull the area between bombardments once the land reminded us of their true purpose: not really a battleground however a host to abundance

I remarked to some friend the calm was our finest enemy here It lulled us right into a false feeling of ease

After which it began I heard shouts of Go go use British and Ukrainian

There have been noisy cracks and flashes within the fields nearby then your rush of adrenalin the worry – impossible to share – to be caught on view by artillery

Another small moment within the existence of the war we’ve reported on within the last year

A lot of that point continues to be put in the towns around Donetsk airport terminal like Pisky

Of the pre-war population of 3000 you will find now only around 40 people left

We’d return to Pisky to invest a evening in the organization of the couple who declined to depart probably the most embattled places around the Ukrainian front

Anatoliy and Svetlana Kosse both aged 68 were one of the couple of citizens still here

Throughout them were the ruins of homes struck by shellfire

Their nights and days are interspersed with the noise of artillery rockets mortars and gunfire But alongside this murderous backwards and forwards there is a far more hopeful soundtrack

We heard it within the garden where Anatoliy tends his bees in the kitchen area where Svetlana cooked us dinner in the veggies she increased and also the eggs from her henhouse It had been the unrehearsed but determined music of existence that declined to yield when confronted with war

The village sitting near to Donetsk airport terminal as well as on the frontline between your Government and digital rebel armies

There is no electricity or water Food supplies were meagre: the pair made it on which they created as well as on periodic aid shipping

It’s terrifying stated Svetlana Before I only were built with a couple of gray fur present you can observe After I take a look at myself with my glasses onto it is terrifying

Why did they stay? Why did they not leave for that city? I requested these questions of Anatoliy because he tended the beehives

I’m being careful of these they’re here how do i just leave them? he responded

It was the place to find leave is always to abandon all they’d labored for

Actually Svetlana did proceed to the town for many several weeks Anatoliy remained behind to consider proper care of the house they’d produced along with its crop-filled garden beehives and neat rows of flowers

I was sitting over dinner when Svetlana referred to what went down after she left

As he was alone here every day and evening we known as one another I’d a powerful discomfort within my soul and thus did he He would be a lonely guy here because all of the neighbours moved away

So she came back They made the decision to pass through the risk and also the stress

I requested Anatoliy what his wife designed to him How do i explain what she way to me? he stated He then smiled and leaned across and placed his mind on her behalf shoulder

Both of them chuckled

The shelling and shooting continued It had been a wonderfully obvious starlit sky And underneath the stars shining vibrantly we’re able to begin to see the unmanned aerial drones trying to find targets on the floor

Whenever we left the next morning I told Anatoliy and Svetlana that in war I’d met a myriad of people however they were one of the best and bravest Id ever encounter

You are making an excessive amount of us Anatoliy responded

They chuckled again

I had been struck because when much laughter there is within this home Every single day now I just read of fighting in Pisky I think about the beekeeper and the wife and that i curse world war 2 that intends such decent people

Malaysia finds migrant mass graves

Several mass graves considered to contain physiques of migrants have been discovered in Malaysia government bodies say

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi was cited by Malayia’s Star newspaper as saying the graves put together in 17 abandoned trafficking camps close to the Thai border

He would never know the number of physiques have been retrieved

Several mass graves have been discovered in Thailand along a route accustomed to smuggle Rohingya Muslims running persecution in Myanmar (also called Burma)

However these would the very first discovered in Malaysia

Thailand has released a attack around the trafficking systems

An analysis through the BBC’s Jonathan Mind finds entire towns in Thailand enhancing the traffickers

The Thai trafficking systems he found bought piles of migrants using their company smugglers and held them within the jungle until their own families compensated a ransom Many migrants are thought to possess perished from disease or starvation

Each year 1000’s of individuals are trafficked through Thailand and into Malaysia

The most recent graves put together near Padang Besar and Wang Kelian within the Malaysian condition of Perlis Malaysian newspaper reviews stated

Utusan Malaysia newspaper reported un named sources as saying about 30 mass graves have been found that contains 100s of skeletons

The Star stated the graves were thought to contain nearly 100 Rohingya migrants

1000’s of migrants – Rohingyas running persecution in Myanmar and economic migrants from Bangladesh – are stranded in motorboats in the region

Greater than 3000 have arrived in neighbouring Malaysia Thailand and Indonesia

Malaysia and Indonesia have started trying to find migrant motorboats previously week

Myanmar also saved the very first boat on friday

Malaysia and Indonesia have decided to stop towing motorboats to ocean and can provide temporary shelter to individuals who’ve arrived

Thailand only stated it might stop rejecting motorboats

Why a multitude of Rohingya stranded at ocean?

The risky journey of the migrant boat that managed to get

The Indonesian villagers saving migrants

The wrinkled women of Russia

escort bursa — 100s of Russian women are posting selfies with scrunched faces on Instagram included in a protest against authorities – including one that remarked about women aged 27 getting facial lines and the other who married a teen aged under 18

It started by having an arranged marriage On Saturday Nazhud Guchigov a 47-year-old local police chief within the Russian republic of Chechnya married Kheda Goylabiyeva – who’s 17 years of age The bride to be went on television to state she was getting married to the macho and reliable Guchigov of her very own freedom however, many leaving comments online could not agree – especially since Guchigov has already been married and thus was getting married to another wife out of the box allowed through the Muslim belief predominant in Chechnya

The wedding seemed to be questionable because polygamy is against the law under Russian law and also the minimum chronilogical age of marriage is eighteen (even though it is 16 in Chechnya)

The discussion online am heated it brought Chechnyas leader Ramzan Kadyrov to induce males to prevent their spouses by using WhatsApp – a remark leading to further critique

Among the uproar the Russian kids privileges ombudsman Pavel Astakhov arrived on the scene to protect the wedding Allows ‘t be prudish Emancipation and sexual maturity happen earlier within the Caucasus You will find places where ladies have facial lines at 27 plus they look 50 by our standards he stated

Women online required offence in the remarks Feminist activist and journalist Bella Rapoport scrunched her face and published an Instagram selfie with a brand new hashtag meaning Wrinkled Lady or Withered Lady Nearly 500 photos happen to be submitted using the tag within the last week Within their posts the ladies call Astakhov a hypocrite and blame him for permitting the wedding to some girl who many think about a minor

This hashtag is one of the oppression of ladies Womens privileges are violated in Russia particularly in Chechnya Rapoport told BBC Trending She stated she published the selfie because she was angry to determine women receiving treatment as an object

Greater than 35000 have signed a web-based petition asking Astakhov to become taken off office for dodging his duty to safeguard the underaged from violence and making offensive remarks about women

Astakhov themself has released an apology on his Instagram profile: Women of all ages are splendid and adorable he creates God produced Lady to ensure that we’re able to love her defend her take proper care of her glorify her A clumsy comparison a rash word removed from the context of discourse cannot change my attitude towards the Fair Sex Ive loved love and shall respect and love [them]! I am sorry for that mistake Ive made!

But Rapoport is not convinced telling BBC Trending the apology is sexist in her own view which she doesn’t accept it

The Kremlin has declined to comment concerning the Chechnya wedding The response provided to journalists by Russias presidential press secretary Dmitriy Peskov was: we don’t do wedding ceremonies

Blog by Samiha Nettikkara

Translations by Ivan Belevich

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